The Choraleers All Year Long  


  Basketball March 12, 2020  

Playing basketball in the gym!
Fun Times!!

Larry goes for the two point play


  Pancake Day March 3, 2020  

OMG did we have some YUMMY pancakes of Pancake Day!
I know your mouth is watering just looking at Israel's pancakes!


  Karaoke February 19, 2020  

We got down with some karaoke yesterday and had loads of fun!!!





  Soccer January 24, 2020  

Madeeya and Jason pose by their new soccer guards that were made for them by Dave Ernst.
Thanks Dave for the guards and Thanks Natalie for the wonderful designs!


  Target January 14, 2020  

There may be snow on the ground, but we spent the day trying to knock over cup towers with our Archery set. It was made for us by the wonderful Tim Lindquist.
Thanks Tim!!

John takes aim

Go Big or Go Home

Nichole having fun

Jeff ready for his shot


  New Year New Fun January 10, 2020  

Happy New Year!

Clowning around in the new year!!


  Donna December 18, 2019  

The Day Treatment Christmas Choir performed at Allure Nursing Home and we had the WONDERFUL pleasure of spending time with Donna Jo!!

James and Donna






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Winning Wheels Day Treatment Program showcases the talents of Winning Wheels & STRIVE residents at the Lyndon Progress Center. The Winning Wheels and STRIVE residents are proud of their progress in therapy and developmental training.