Merry Christmas!! 12/20/2010


We had our Christmas party at DT last Friday. We sang some Christmas Karaoke.
Santa came and of course because we were all GOOD; we all received gifts!!
Merry Christmas from all of us at Day Treatment!!

Chris sings

Patty sings





Christmas Crafts 12/13/2010

Joyce helped the residents make cute, but original wrapping paper using shaving cream. YES! I said "shaving cream"!!!
Fun was had by all although some people ended up with more shaving cream on their faces then on the wrapping paper!

Shelley works hard

Shelley with assistance from Joyce makes wrapping paper

Shelley makes wrapping paper

Shelley admires her work

The shaving cream goes on the paper not your face!


Elyse gets goofy with the shaving cream


Choir performs for families 12/03/2010

I am happy to posts a wonderful performance of the song "Amazed" at the Thanksgiving meal with our families. The STRIVE choir performed and Paul Cruz from Wheels led everyone in prayer before the meal. A great time was had by all. Click play... ENJOY!

Happy Thanksgiving! 11/22/2010

We would like to wish everyone a HAPPY Thanksgiving! We had a marvelous time with our families on Saturday. We are thankful for all the good that happened in 2010!!! The video below is an overview of all that we did at Day Treatment. Click on the arrow and have fun!

Thanksgiving 11/17/2010

We are getting ready for our VERY special meal this Saturday when our family and friends join us for a Thanksgiving feast at Lyndon.

We have been busy sanding and painting turkeys for the table tops

DJ sands the wood

DJ sands

Pam assists Chuck

Pam assists Chuck sand

Madeeya focuses on the project

Madeeya paints

Shelly paints

Shelly paints

Shelley concentrates

Shelley paints

Lee works

Lee paints


STRIVE Choir performs at Self Help 11/10/2010

The STRIVE choir was at it again!

This time the choir performed at Self Help. Can anyone say FUN! So many people came out to see us sing--we thought we were in a stadium! The staff and residents there were so wonderful to us. Who knew that singing on the road would be so much fun!!

A BIG thanks to Eileen and the people at Self Help for allowing us to come and perform

Tarik and Shelley sing

STRIVE choir

STRIVE choir












Halloween 11/04/2010

Halloween is always so much fun. You eat some candy. You dress up. You eat some more candy. We had loads of fun.
Too bad Halloween comes only once a year!
Did I mention we like eating CANDY!!







Madeeya and Larry

Marital Bliss


One Eyed One Horn Flying Purple People Eater




Santa's Helper


Teddy Bear





Haunted House 10/25/2010

We went to the Haunted Housed, specifically Asylum of Mad Dreams on Thursday and we SCREAMED like we have never SCREAMED before---and it was FUN!!!! Mitch and Mariah graciously invited us back for a scarey good time and we are oh so grateful, though we are still waiting for our heart-beat to return to normal!

John goes through the haunted house!
John laughs in the face of fear
Haunted House entrance...

eeeek! watching carefully!
Keeping our eyes open!

New Kitchen 10/20/2010

Thanksgiving is just around the corner and we are soooo thankful for our brand new kitchen!!. Lyle and "his crew" did a fantastice job. Hit the play button and watch the transformation

New Therapists 10/15/2010

We are happy to welcome aboard new team members Toni and Geri. Toni is new to STRIVE and is running the TR department there. Geri was the housekeeper/jack of all trades at STRIVE and now she is the OT/PT/jack of all trades at STRIVE.

We are just so happy to have them come to DT regularly and help us out. They are also providing PT in the gym for the STRIVERS. Way cool for the STRIVERS!

Toni and Geri assist Larry
Toni and Geri assit Madeeya
Shelley works on standing
Tarik walking
DJ works her arms
Israel works out
Dawn walks with Geri
John exercises


If you look closely, these pictures were taken on the day that the Bears met the Packers on Monday night football. People were supporting their team by wearing their colors! Can you tell who loves the Packers and who loves the Bears???!

Tarik's Birthday 10/11/2010

Tarik celebrated his birhtday and a friend at church gave him a cute little pink tiara with Happy Birthday on it. Tarik being Tarik, he wore it to Day Treatment (yes he is a little crazy);but he sure made everyone smile!!

Ahh! isn't he cute? WE ARE ALL ALITTLE CRAZY!

STRIVE Choir 10/06/2010

The STRIVE choir went down to Rock Island two weeks ago and performed for the individuals at The ARC. We had a wonderful time. We sang our hearts out. The ARC was very gracious. We stayed over for lunch. We made wonderful new friends!!!

Riding the bus to Rock Island

Madonna introduces us

on the bus

Madonna Introduces

Shelly sings a solo

You are my Sunshine!

Shelly sings Oh Danny Boy

You are my Sunshine!

It's the Climb...


Shelley and Madeeya sing

having fun!!


A great day



Hair Cut 09/30/2010

You never know what you will find when you come to DT...

Lester wasn't able to get his hair cut at Wheels the other day. Well, Lester has such a way with women that the Shelly actually came to DT to give him special attention and his own personal haircut. I will warn you ladies, Lester grins and the ladies can't resist!

Shelly cuts Lester's hair


Looking good!

SARAH'S Day 09/24/2010

I bet you thought I fell off the face of the earth. No, I just fell way behind on the BLOG! Between having our kitchen redone and vacations (and hmmm... what other excuse can I come up with!!!) I just have not blogged. But I am back at it and I am happy to tell you that last week we celebrated "Environmental Services Week" which is a fancy way to say we celebrated the contributions of Sarah Golden. Sarah is a Jack of all trades at Day Treatment. She wears many hats here and we spent a day last week just saying "THANK YOU!"

Sarah's cake


Sarah's cake


Under Construction 08/12/2010

We have been literally under construction the last few weeks. My desk is not where my desk should be, which has meant my head is not where my head should be!! Anyway, sorry I haven't blogged in awhile, but we are getting a new kitchen!! Everyone is excited. I have included some pictures from our change over. Today we get a new floor. The fun just keeps on coming!

Baseball 07/21/2010

We are still playing baseball. The Gals are getting better. They tied the game with the Guys this time 2:2. However, we are still more interested in having a FUN time than who wins!

Below is a video of Scott showing everyone the right way to bat!!

Baseball 07/14/2010

We are celebrating America's favorite pastime this month. We are learning about famous players, the Cubs, the White Sox, and...we are playing!! Every Friday this month we are playing baseball in the gym. Paul Cruz was our umpire and score keeper. It is Guys against Gals. The Guys won last week, but the gals smell a win in the air for this Friday! A good time was had by all and we look forward to playing again.

Ashley gets ready to run

Israel bats

Ashley gets ready to run

Israel up to bat

Madeeya ready for a homer

Shelly tells the ball where to go

Madeeya tries to find the ball

Shelly shows where she is going to hit the ball

Michelle is looking for a homerun

Dj ready to run into home plate

WATCH OUT! Michelle has the killer instinct!

DJ looking to cross home plate


Exercise Video 06/24/2010

Watch out Richard Simmons, Day Treatment is ready to give you a run for your money!! Michelle Mortensen (our Music Therapist) helped lead us in our exercise and Joyce filmed us. We now have our very own exercise video. No one wore the little striped shorts like Richard or had the poofy hair like Richard, but we sure had him beat in enthusiasm!!! I would say sit back and enjoy the video, but that would defeat the purpose. So put your "git up and go" on and exercise with the Day Treatment team. It'll make you feel good...

Exercise Video

Aides Week 06/10/2010

This is the beginning of the week where we appreciate our aides and all the hard work that they do. We put our thinking caps on and came up with a list of things we like about the staff that takes very special care of us.

In no certain order here is what we appreciate about the aides

staff appreciation
  • Good manicurist
  • Gives excellent care
  • A good confidant
  • Willing to go above and beyond
  • Great personality
  • Funny-"she be crackin' me up"
  • Fun on outings
  • She can't count LOL
  • Takes us on outings when Laura can't
  • We love her taking us swimming
  • Great smile!
  • Very caring
  • Makes us laugh a lot
  • When we need her, she is there
  • Good listener
  • Willing to help all she can
  • Easy to talk to
  • Compassionate
  • "thanks for washing my clothes"
  • Very dedicated
  • Love her giving me kisses
  • "Oh Lord! You are so honest even if the truth hurts."
  • Makes us laugh
  • You are there when we need you to be there
  • You are easy to talk to
  • Always gives me good care
  • Very dedicated
  • Beautiful smile that lights up the room
  • She is a sweetie
  • She loves us
  • Easy going
  • Beautiful smile
  • Fun-loving
  • Nice personality
  • Kind hearted
  • She pitches in to help
  • Even comes in when she's sick
  • God bus driver
  • We enjoy her company. We enjoy hers.
  • She loves chocolate
  • You are so funny
  • Very helpful
  • "Thank you for helping me type"
  • Thanks for doing the Facebook group
  • Very nurturing
  • Always gives 110%
  • Kind, loving, and compassionate
  • Willing to listen to problems
  • "I wish you were my sister"
  • Willing to stand up for us
  • She loves all of us
  • Smart and sweet
  • "You do a lot of extras; nails and hair"
  • Cool
  • Beautiful smile
  • Good artist
  • Helps me write letters
  • Socializes with us on her break
  • Nurturing and caring
  • "I love it when she does my make-up"
  • Great at doing our hair
  • Good listener


Exercise Video 06/04/2010

We--under the special skills of Michelle Mortensen--have been working on a exercise video. We normally use Richard Simmons to get our hearts pumping and our bodies moving. However, we were getting tired of the same old thing. Yvonne suggested we make our own exercise video and with Michelle's help we did it! Here are some snap shots of our "stars". The video has been filmed but is still in the editing room.

exercise video

<Shelly Lester Mike participate

Dawn works out

Shelly, Lester and Mike exercise

Dawn participates


Henry and Earl 05/26/2010
"Behold the turtle. He makes progress only when he sticks his neck out." James Bryant Conant

Henry and Earl came to visit today. Henry and Earl are African Tortoises. They belong to Sarah and her family. Her husband, son and daughter took time to bring over the reptiles and we really appreciated it. It was fascinating to watch them, pet them, and feed them. Henry is the big one. Everyone was surprised at how fast he moved around. No doubt, in a race with a hare--he would win!!!

Henry Jason and Henry
Jason feeds Henry
Neal and Paul and Henry
Joyce Shelley Henry
Neal and Paul observe Henry
Joyce and Shelley enjoy Henry's company
Chris and Earl
Lester and Earl
Chris converses with Earl
Lester gets a thrill touching Earl's shell
Larry James and Earl
Larry and James pose with Earl

Bike Rodeo 05/20/2010
11th Annual Bike Rodeo, Saturday May 22nd 9-11 at the grade school in Prophetstown, IL

The Bike Rodeo is coming up this weekend and we at DT stepped up to help. We counted tickets, stuffed "fun" bags, put together bike safety infomation packets. We enjoyed participting in this worthy service project for the childre in Prophetstown and the surrounding communities

Yvonne and Shelly hard at work Chuck stuffs a bag
Yvonne and Shelly counting tickets
Chuck puts together a packet
Madeeya works Dawn works
Madeeya sorts pamphlets
Dawn sorts packets

A Mouse in the House 05/14/2010

There were rumors of mice running around Lyndon. We were all like EEEK! But thank God, the mice were discovered and caught in the act trying to steal our cheese... So all is well in Lyndon again...

Mouse mouse 2

Our Day at the Beach 05/04/2010

Jeff catches rays



Joyce with her creative genius in full swing put together "OUR DAY AT THE BEACH" in our display case. She put together paper dolls of all the residents and staff and set them out to enjoy the rays. It is more awesome up close (you are welcome to stop by and see how adorable it is!), but I wanted you to see and enjoy how wonderful it is.

So grab your flip flops, a beach umbrella and enjoy!

Laying on the beach Charlene enjoys the beach
Display case Lester enjoys the sun


Sports Center 04/29/2010

Every week Paul gathers a group of people together and talks "SPORTS". He finds something interesting in Sports Illustrated and reads it, discusses it and quizzes the group. Paul entertains the group with funny comments on the side. (Paul is known for his very dry sense of humor)! We all appreciate Paul's willingness to run a group and his ability to make us laugh!

Paul leading a group James responds to a question
Paul reading an article
James comments on article
Paul leads group
Paul asks questions


FUN! 04/20/2010

What can I say? The sun is shining and we are feeling GOOD!

Paul being wacky Natalie and Lee
Paul reacting positively to a camera in his face!
Natalie and Lee

Facebook Group 04/16/2010

The chance to speak to family and friends is very important. For many of us, our families live far away. Facebook enables us to connect with family and friends in a fun way. Sarah leads up the Facebook crew. Residents step up to help those residents who can't physically handle the computer keyboard. People are talking to family members online, viewing precious photos of baby nephews growing older, and keeping in touch with those who are close to their heart. It is a win-win situation with lots of smiles.

Working on Facebook Shelley laoughing at a good joke
DJ, Sarah, Larry and Madeeya work on their Facebook
James assists Shelley with her site
Jason being a wild man!
Jason clowns around around talking to family online
Beauty Group 04/09/2010

Wow, April is here already. We celebrated Y2K and sang Christmas songs on April Fools Day! Yes, it was a might bit goofy, but it was fun. Speaking of April Fools jokes, I think the joke is on Lyndon. The cold temps here seem like a BIG April Fools joke from Mother Nature. We were freezing-literally-this morning. BRRR!

Today Natalie ran a beauty group. Unfortunately I don't have a picture of Natalie because I cut her head off when I took her picture, however, we do have a picture of Amy who assisted.

Below are some pictures of our "bevy of beauties"

Lucy gets her hair done  Lucy looks beautiful

Madonna  Ashley

Donna Jo  Madeeya

Green House 03/25/2010

Our Garden Club has been busily meeting on Mondays and Wednesdays planting seeds in our wonderful greenhouse. Because of their efforts we will have beautiful flowers around our facility and yummy vegetables in our tummies this summer! The greenhouse is a great place to be when the gray and cold get you down. It's always warm and you are surrounded by green and living things. Israel is one of our "master" gardeners. Sarah, a staff member, has graciously stepped in to help lead the Garden Club here at Day Treatment. We appreciate her efforts!

Israel plants seeds Sarah assists Israel

TALENT SHOW 03/19/2010
Tomorrow is the first day of Spring and those "evil" weather people are saying we are suppose to get a couple of inches of snow! We have been busy planting in the green house, getting ready for Spring. We are looking forward to fresh tomatoes, fresh salsa, and beautiful flowers. Hopefully next week I can post some pictures of us in the greenhouse. To warm up your day (and so the snow does not depress you too much) fill yourself a cup of hot chocolate, put your feet up, and enjoy highlights of our 3rd annual Talent Show 2010.




Spring Fever 03/05/2010

smile Spring is just around the corner and we can hardly wait. We are happy because it is suppose to be a beautiful weekend. Everyone at Lyndon has decided that it is time for the snow to go! Everyone was a little wackly today, I don't know if it was because it was Friday or because everyone is suffering from Spring fever--probably a little of both

Ashley with Daisy the DT dog
The sun has been out and it has been "dog" gone nice outside.


Baking Club 03/01/2010

Every month a small group of residents gather together as the "Baking Club" and under Joyce's tutelage they learn basic baking skills. Of course the best part of baking club is the end result-YUM! Joyce narrates a little video about our baking club in action for your enjoyment and yes the lemon bars were scrumptious!!


Mary B's Birthday 02/23/2010

Joyce made quite a "stink" over Mary's birthday today!

Happy Birthday Mary!

Joyce as a skunk

We've got rhythm! 02/19/2010

Michelle came this week and brought along her drums, maracas, and a cow bell. We had a blast shaking, banging, and drumming! We were all laughing and smiling. It might be cold outside, but we were rockin' hot at DT this week!

Albert drumming

Ashley shaking her booty

Albert drums

Ashley shakes her booty!

DJ gets down

Having some fun!>

DJ gets down

Raise the roof!

Can't help but smile

Get down

Can't help but smile...

Getting down!


Super Bowl Super Fan 02/12/2010

I am still working on getting the video together from out talent show, so that is still "coming soon".

However, I thought it good to report that at the talent show Tarik showed off his super sports casting skills. He brilliantly predicted that the Saints would win the Super Bowl and the rest is history.

Tarik giving his super predictions

Talent Show 02/05/2010

Busy week for us, we spent the week getting ready for our talent show and then Thursday we actually had our talent show. Joyce did an excellent job getting everything prepared. I hope to get some of the videos posted for the show up soon, but for now here are some pictures of John-hard at work. John showed off his painting at the Talent Show.

John working hard
what is the best color? making sure it looks perfect

Talent Show Prep 01/22/2010

What a dreary week. We however are bringing some cheer to these gray days by preparing for our annual TALENT SHOW! It will be in February, but of course we need to practice now. Joyce, as usual, has stepped up to help us.

It should be great because of course we are all so talented!

DJ sings Old Rugged Cross Shelley and Madeeya practice The Climb Shelly finds her favorite poem to read


We had a good week in Lyndon-especially when the below zero weather took a hike. Joyce took some pictures of our winter wonderland though if the weather people have any idea what they are talking about-it may be gone soon.

snowy Lyndon    snowy Lyndon #2
snowy Lyndon #3    snowy Lyndon #4

We are preparing for our third annual Talent Show, which will be in February this year. And today Shelly Moore came to visit. Shelly is a beautician who lives and works across the street. She gave of her valuable time and talked to us about what you have to do to be a licensed beautician. She told us you had to know biology, chemistry, and anatomy. Shelly was great fun and really interesting. I have to admit though; we are very excited at the prospect of her band playing for us this summer (M T Pockets) Shelly said when the weather gets warm they will come over and do an outdoor concert! Thanks Shelly for the really interesting presentation.

2010 01/08/2010

Happy New Year Everybody!

We are starting a brand new page for 2010. We have had way too much COLD weather here in Lyndon, but we also realize this is the midwest--after all!

We ended last year and feel it is appropriate for the new year by stepping out! Larry and gang helped us stand up and assisted us in stepping out. YEE HAW! It was fun! So thanks to Larry and company by helping us stand up and step out into the new year!




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