Soccer Game: Thursday, January 31, 2012 10:15 am
Lyndon Progress Center Gym

Talent Show: Tuesday, February 5, 2013 10:15 am
Lyndon Progress Center Gym


MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! December 24,2012

Merry Christmas to all our friends and family! Click the play button below for our Singing Christmas Card!! We start with a bit of 12 Days of Christmas and end with Jingle Bells. Thanks to Michelle who does our Music Therapy for making it happen!
Merry Christmas everyone!!


MORE Christmas Cheer December 18,2012

The Choraleers went to Kreiders Services in Dixon today. We led two groups in a fun round of Christmas Carols at two different times. Needless to say, we were wonderfully exhausted!! The nice people (thanks Paula!) at Kreiders fed us lunch. WOW! People are so nice!!!


Christmas Cheer December 7,2012

The Choraleers were back on the road today. We went to Exceptional Care decked out in our Christmas finery. We led the group in a fun round of Christmas Carols. It was our very first time running a Christmas sing-along.
Smiles were had by all! It was great fun!


Thanksgiving 2012 November 29,2012

We hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Our friends and families came and celebrated with us the Saturday before Thanksgiving. We ate lots of turkey, potatoes, and stuffing. As if that wasn't enough we then topped it off with pumpkin pie!! GREAT fun was had by all. We just love it when the people we love come to see us!!!!

Molly and her mom decorated the tables. Thanks Molly's mom!

Our families and friends came!

Larry and family

Scott and family

It was a VERY solemn affair...





Last Performance 2012 November 9,2012


The Choraleers performed at Self Help today.
It was our last performance for 2012. It is hard to believe all the places we have visited, performed, and provided joy.
It has been a wonderful ride and I have to say every single Choraleer put their heart into the songs and gave it their all!!!!
Thanks to everyone for a great season!


Happy Halloween! November 1,2012

Halloween is always so much fun.
We spent the morning playing games with the children and the afternoon having our own party and costume contest.
CHECK US OUT below...



Nicki Minaj


Michael Jackson


Donald Trump


Miss Universe


Hulk Hogan


Rock Singer

Donna Jo

One eyed One horn
Flying Purple People Eater




Green Bay Packer Fan


I'm too sexy...



Soccer October 17,2012

Soccer is back at DT. With Toni and Molly coaching, there are two teams.
The Prophetstown All Stars are in the red.
The Lyndon Champs in the blue.

The first scrimmage was held on September 27 in the LPC Gym. It was quite an exciting game and a fun time was had by all!!
Below are some pictures and for some "live action" click the bottom picture.

The next scrimmage will be Friday, November 30th at the Lyndon Progress Gym at 10:00am

Go Lyndon Champs!!


Go Prophetstown All Stars!!


Jason has the ball for the Champs

Larry has the ball for the All Stars


HE ROCKS! October 10,2012

Monday Lester performed for us. We all REALLY enjoyed it. No one can rock like Lester. Michelle our music therapist helped him prepare and provided him with a rockin' wig. He started with "Funky Drummer" and also sang "Ain't To Proud To Beg".
If you need a lift, watch Lester perform. He truly rocks!


Breast Cancer Awareness October 4,2012

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

DJ shows her support by sporting her "pink"! Toni helped DJ put her "pink" on.
DJ and Toni encourage every woman to beware of their risks and to fight the good fight!

DJ shows her pink!


DJ and Toni


Simply Marvelous!! September 20,2012

As part of her continuing education credits as the TR Director at STRIVE, Toni has been taking beautician classes. She practiced some of her new skills on Tarik the other day.
What do you think???


Baking Club September 12,2012

The DT Bake Club was at it again. They meet about once a month. At Day Treatment, too many cooks make the broth better! This week they made cereal. Seriously, we like Cocoa Puffs, but not enought to make them.
Instead, the club made cereal cupcakes and as usual they were YUM!!! Check out below the cupcakes and the cooks in action...

Lee fills up the cupcake papers.

Tim assists

Shelly mixes the dough so it is perfect.

Larry shows off the cupcakes.

Pam mugs for the camera



Hodge Podge September 7,2012

An assortment of things happening at Day Treatment.

Lucy attended Ladies Club and came out ready to have her face on the cover of Cosmopolitan!

Jeff's mom gave us a beautiful pink flower last year and it has been so gorgeous! It just keeps blooming!

DT has a stander now--which is way cool!

Tarik shows how it is done!


Adorable! August 22,2012

Rudy and Guenther continue to entertain us.
Rudy could not get far enough over on his back for Frank to rub his belly!!
Chuck and Guenther? That look on Chuck's face says it all, they are up to something!

Frank and Rudy

Chuck and Guenther


Singing again... August 15,2012

The Choraleers took July off, but we are back at it. Last Friday, we performed at Four Seasons Living Center. The staff and residents were a wonderful audience and we had a great time. It was fun to be back on the road again.

James    Michelle

Donna Jo






Beautiful!! August 8,2012

The ladies at DT got their "gorgeous" on, and baby they sure know how to strut their stuff!!!!!


Donna Jo




Charlene July 24,2012

We have guest contributor. Charlene Scheper wrote this poem and asked if we could share it on out Blog.


On a chew of this or that...
he peeks in on me wearing just his top hat.
But wait, that was this morning, right at the crack of dawn.
When he didn't even have a free hand to stretch or yawn.
Because in an outstretch of his arms was eggs and toast.
Spot didn't bother to bark or boast.
To keep him in line was a guy I called ED.
First he told me that he loved me, then he served me breakfast in bed!


Outrigger July 18,2012

So the forcast lately has been HOT! HOT! HOT!
The very best thing to do when you are hot is to get wet and that is what we did today.
Every year we look forward to the Outrigger. It is so much fun! Today we went out on the Outrigger and returned wet, tired, and exhilarated!!
THANKS TIM!!!!! We couldn't have done it without you...

Tarik gets ready to get on the boat


Israel having fun...


Madeeya smiles as she waits for the boat to take off


Larry happy to be out on the water


Jason--need I say more?


Shelly after the ride-soaked but smiling!



Recipe for FUN!! July 10,2012

We have been eating fresh fruit because it is good for us and frankly we like it. However, with the heat and all our bananas did not hold up so well. A soft banana? Not so good to eat, but WONDERFUL to bake. Molly put her "chef" hat on and the next thing we knew--we were whipping up banana cake.
YUM! We are great cooks!

The Banana Mashers



The Adder

Chuck adds the bananas

The Mixers



The Supervisors

Madeeya reads the recipe

Elyse makes sure everything is right


Don't Ask! June 29,2012





Biking June 20,2012

"Nothing compares to the simple pleasure of a bike ride"
John F Kennedy

Staff have been taking us out for a ride now that summer is here. It has been wonderful fun; the residents of Lyndon have been friendly as we ride by.



Produce... June 7,2012

Whats green and skinny and really yummy? Our freshly picked green beans!
The Garden Club was in the greenhouse reaping the rewards of all their hard work. They picked green beans. Everyone had fun and beamed with pride. Ginny came in the next day and cooked them up so everyone at DT could enjoy. YUM! Everyone at DT loves the Garden Club. The beans were wonderful.





You're all wet! May 23,2012

Come on in! The water is fine! Now that the weather has warmed up so nicely, we have been swimming. It has been a BLAST!






Shelly and Guenther May 15,2012

"Cats are connoisseuers of comfort."
--James Herriot


Horses May 9,2012

With the onset of Spring, we have started going to "WHOA" and enjoying the horses.
Ashley liked petting the horses.
Jason is nicknamed "The Horse Whisperer"; he has a way with animals.
Dawn had so much fun she can't wait to go back!

Petting a Pony


The Horse Whisperer


Best Friend



Just so you know... April 30,2012

...we take life VERY seriously at DT!

Lester : )


Choraleers April 26,2012

The STRIVE Choraleers have been back on the road.
With a new program under our belts, we performed at Good Samaritans Nursing Home in March and Resthaven in April. Both homes are in Morrison.
We just love singing and making people happy!







Pajama Day April 19,2012

So Wednesday was Pajama Day. Since Tuesday was Tax Day, we all stayed up late doing our taxes. We were tired the next morning and came to work in our pajamas--hence "Pajama Day". Shelley came not only in her pajamas, but sporting a "bed-head" hair-do also!! Fun was had by all!


Bowling April 11,2012

Ashley hopes for a strike!

It was a cool, gray day...
Toni and Geri decide to brighten everyone's day by bowling in the gym at DT.

FUN was definitly had by all!!

Dawn and Larry were the winners!

John was being a stinker--trying to knock over the pins with his wheelchair!

Everyone had a good laugh!

Madonna aims

John stealing pins!


Raining Cats and Dogs April 4,2012

Day Treatment has made new friends!!
Rudy is the dog. Guenther is the kitty. Jane is their chauffer!
We have enjoyed petting and spending time with our new friends! Rudy is a very personable, extremely happy dog who can never get enough attention.
Guenther is Rudy's little sister and she is content to lay on our laps and receive affection. Jane, Rudy, and Guenther are going to become regular visitors.
We are anticipating their next visit.

Chuck poses


Lester says "hello"


Israel pets Guenther


Chris gets kisses!



Talent Show

Here is our Talent Show. We performed it back in February. I am just now getting it posted. I hope you enjoy our many talents!!!

Talent Show

  • Dawn poem
  • Frank facts about global warning
  • Lester song "I feel Good"
  • Elyse song "Drivin' that Train"
  • Scott and Lucy song "Saturday"
  • Charlene poem
  • Ashley jokes
  • Julie song "I Can See Clearly Now"
  • Michelle make-up tips
  • Tarik, James, Jason, Lee, Larry "Da Bears"
  • Tarik Super Bowl Predictions
  • Israel song "Oh Sandy"
  • Shelley song "All I Want for Christmas
  • James song "Dilemma"
  • Madonna song "Light My Fire"
  • Shelly signed and sang "All of Me"


Joyce March 21,2012

Joyce came to visit us! She came back for crafts and helped us do "scrapbooking". We so enjoyed seeing her. She also came back to celebrate Jeff's birthday. She made him some yummy cookies (which everyone was able to partake!) Joyce is a super, great cook so when she brings goodies--everyone is happy!
It was wonderful to see Joyce and we are happy to report that she said she would come again sometime.

Scrapbooking with Joyce

Shelley shows off her page

Jeff blows out his birthday candle

Jeff enjoys Joyce's cookies!



Day Treatment lost someone special in February. On February 15, Albert Crixell died.
We have all been mourning his loss.
One of our residents wrote a paper about Albert and her love for him as a friend. It only seemed appropriate to post it here on the DT Blog



Gauntlet March 9, 2012

So if you have anxiety in your life, what is the best way to deal with it? Well, at DT it is to laugh until your sides are literally splitting!!!
So the other day we had "Anger Management" in the gym. Everyone was armed with their water noodles to have some fun. Molly came up with the idea of
"running the gauntlet". First we lined up everyone in two lines with their noodles in hand. Then whomever dared, ran up the two lines while everyone else tried to wack them! I am not sure who had more fun, the wacker or the wackee--suffice it to say everyone left the gym with sore sides from laughing!!

John runs the Gauntlet

Michelle dares...

Yvonne strikes back!


Garden Club February 27, 2012

You know Spring is close when Garden Club starts up! Ginny and her crew are working hard to start the little plants in the greenhouse.
One thing is for sure, if you going to be in the Garden Club--you have to like dirt!

Israel concentrates on his planting


Larry plays in the dirt


Lee is happy to be planting again!


Shelly fills the flats with dirt



Talent Show Preview February 9, 2012

Our Talent Show last week was a wonderful success! I am working feverishly to get the show put together for everyone to see, but it may take me awhile.
For your listening delight and to whet your appetite for the rest of the show... I am posting Lucy and Scott's performance.



Volley Ball February 2, 2012

We have started playing a new game in the gym. VOLLEY BALL! Lyle pulled out the nets from storage. Molly blew up a big balloon ball. And away we went. I am not sure what hurt more, our arms from being up in the air trying to hit the ball over the net OR our sides from laughing so much. The office staff had to pop in and see what all the noise was about. We has so much FUN!!

Charlene smacks the ball


Pat is ready for the return volley

Pat O.

Larry goes for the SAVE

Larry Shelley Madeeya

Lee gives it a whack


James tries to spike it



Preparation January 25, 2012

We are busy at DT getting ready for our annual talent show. This year promises to be better than ever. It is a big challenge for last year's show was so good. The residents promise to give a great show.
If you are interested in attending, it is Thursday, February 5, at 10:15 in the LPC gym!!

Madeeya practices her song


Julie prepares to sing


Madonna gives it her ALL!


Larry and James hang

Larry and James


Take me out to the ballgame... January 20, 2012

It maybe cold outside (and it is in the negative numbers with the windchill), but here in Lyndon we are staying warm playing baseball. This continues to be one of our favorite activities. Bring on the peanuts and cracker jacks!

Michelle lines up a line-drive


Lester races to First Base


Larry wants a homerun


Albert imitates Babe Ruth



Beth January 10, 2012

Beth Matthew came and visited us today. We really enjoyed seeing and talking with her. She came and had lunch. She then stayed over and ran an afternoon group--just like old times.
Beth looks good. Retirement agrees with her. Thanks for coming Beth!


Ashley Lester Lucy enjoy seeing Beth

Jason grins at a comment made by Beth


Happy New Year!! January 3, 2012

I don't think there is anyone who thinks that the Bears are winners this year except of course unless your name is Tarik. Tarik made a bet with Toni that on Christmas Day when the Packers played the Bears, the Packers would lose. Tarik lost the bet and paid up at Day Treatment. Tarik went from ordinary Bear Fan to SUPER GREEN BAY PACKER FAN! Watch his transformation below. Have a giggle WITH Tarik, who is admittedly crazy and wouldn't have it any other way.
He swears he will never bet Toni again!!!

Press play and have a smile!


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