Christmas Party December 19, 2014  

We had our DT Christmas Party yesterday. The children from Christ Lutheran School came and sang for us. We loved it. Great singers and wonderful kids! Also a HUGE shout-out to the parents who were willing to drive them here! Then for lunch, we munched on pizza and scrumptious Christmas cookies made by Joyce. (Don't tell her, but I think her cookies are even MORE yummy now that she is retired). Our party ended with a visit from the man in the red suit!!
MERRY CHRISTMAS to everyone from all of us at DT!

Children performing

Shelly and Santa

Nichole shows off her goodies

Madeeya smiles


  Christmas Spirit December 10, 2014  

The Choraleers are getting their Christmas spirit on!! We did a Christmas sing along at Winnng Wheels on Friday. Good Times!


  We are a Happenin' Place! December 3, 2014  

The place to be is here at Day Treatment!!
 Watch this video to see how much fun we have had in 2014!"


  Happy Thanksgiving!! November 25, 2014  

We just had our Family and Friends Thanksgiving Feast. It was wonderful to see everyone. We are so grateful for all the good things in our lives--especially our family and friends!!!

Day Treatment would like to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving!


  Christ Lutheran School November 6, 2014  

We had the wonderful opportunity last week to go to a local school and
educate the children about our disabilities.
Shelley Misch talked about CP.
Shelly B. talked about Spina Bifida
The principal, John Kirchoff, was warm in his welcome. The children asked great questions and a good time was had by all. It was a first for us, but one we would like to do again at other schools.

Shelley Misch

Shelly B.

We enjoyed seeing the kids!


  First Soccer Game October 29, 2014  

Soccer is back in play.

With much excitement and anticipation, power soccer had its first game of the 2014-15 season yesterday. It was a great game with the score tied at the buzzer 5-5.
The Prophetstown All-stars pulled a win in "Sudden Death".
Don't miss our next game, next month at the LPC gym, on November 18 at 10:15 am

Shelly kicks the ball after a score

Lyndon Champs are ready

We have the BEST cheerleaders!


  CLS 5K October 23, 2014  

We took the racer out for one last race. We participated in the CLS 5K Run,. Tarik had a great time. The people at the school were way nice to us. It was a cold, fall day, but thankfully very sunny!

Showing off our medal!

Off and running...


  Man and Woman's Best Friend October 15, 2014  

We can never get enough love from Rudy and Guenther.
They are the dog and cat which comes to visit us on a regular basis. It was a gray and rainy day yesterday, and our "best friends" brought us much needed love.
Can you ever get enough dog kisses and cat snuggling?

Rudy and Pat
enjoying each other's company

Guenther makes Madeeya smile

Jeff grins at the cat


  Just say NO! October 8, 2014  

So it snowed around here last weekend and my philosophy is to just say NO to SNOW!! We are holding on to the nice weather as best we can, as we continue to enjoy the fruits of our labor from the garden club and play baseball with the enthusiasm of the world series!

Frank picks tomatoes

Larry waters the plants

Nichole looks to hit it out of the park

Lee goes for the home run!


  It is Autumn! September 22, 2014  

Today is the first day of Autumn, so it is time for us to say good-bye to Summer. Although our summer was an easy one, it is with great sadness we say farewell...
We had a great summer with water skiing, Magic Waters, swimming, picnics and races.
Watch the video below to see the highlights of our summer...


  They call it SPIRIT! September 4, 2014  

Last Saturday, we had the privilege of running in the "Run, Walk, Wheel 5K" in Rockford. John Johnson (who said the first time he spied the racer "That's cool!") was able to participate. His sister Glorie and his cousin Bob pushed him. It was way fun! The race organizers were so impressed, they awarded Team STRIVE with the "Team Spirit Award". Good times was had by all and it helped support a great organization in Rockford called RAMP. I quote from their website.
"RAMP empowers people with disabilities to realize there are no limits to what they can do"
We had a wonderful race and we thank the organizers for that their hard work.
Scroll down to see John cross the finish line!

Everyone had a great time


Jason having fun!


  John August 27, 2014  

There is a "behind-the-scenes" guy who is a TREMENDOUS help to all of us here at DT. We all love him. We affectionately call him Computer Geek. He is the nicest guy and he helps us so much. I can't reveal his secret idenity, but for the sake of argument, we will call him John.
Watch our video below!
We love you John and appreciate all you do for us!!!!


  Swing August 18, 2014  

So some wonderful (over-the-top nice) people from Geneseo pooled their money together and purchased us a swing. A REAL swing!! Some of us, because of our disabilities, have never been on a swing. We laughed along with the residents as they experienced the joy and freedom of swinging on a swing!!
Big THANKS!! to Dave and Betty Ernst and the Seth Ernst foundation and all our new friends in Geneseo for buying us a swing.

Posing with our Geneseo friends

Madeeya grins

John Johnson hanging around!

They always said Larry was a "swinger"!

  Outrigger July 17, 2014  
A simply gorgeous day for a boat ride!!!
Today we went out on the outrigger. It is always one of our favorite activities. The water was blue, the sky clear, and the sun was shining. A person couldn't ask for a better day. With wonderful assistance from Tim, we took our annual cruise on Lake Carlton in the outrigger. Everyone came back wet and happy. No summertime blues today!!!


DJ: wet and sassy

Nope Madeeya isn't taking a shower
(notice shower cap)
just keeping her "diva" hair dry!

All aboard!

  P-town 5K July 11, 2014  

We ran our first 5K in our new racing chair at the Prophetstown Run Around 5K on July 3.
We had a wonderful time. Everyone was so nice and the race was fun!

Jason is excited before the race

Running past the Finish Line

The proud Winners

  Camp Rockwood July 2, 2014  

Toni started "Camp Rockwood last year and DT is helping to keep up the wonderful tradition.
Last week we went to Rockwood Morrison and spent the day outside enjoying the gorgeous weather. Some of us cooked, some of us did crafts, and some of us enjoyed a good book. We had lunch and strolled down by the lake for an absolute perfect day!!

Jason and James cook hotdogs

Madonna grins big

Larry and gang enjoy the beautiful day

Madeeya makes pudding

  Julie June 12, 2014  

Julianna Walter passed away last Sunday, June 8, 2014.
Julie lived at STRIVE and was a friend to many at DT.
She will be remembered for her infectious giggle, her incredible intelligence, and her love of butterflies!!

Julie's Memorial will be held Wednesday, June 18 at the Lyndon Progress Center gym at 10:30am

  Fran Riley June 6, 2014  

Wednesday, the Choraleers were able to perform for the ARC and Fran Riley came out from KWQC and filmed us. So our debut on TV was yesterday! It was way cool (and yes, we will give out autographs!) Fortunately, for those who may have missed the show, here is the video
We had so much fun and we really appreciated Mr. Riley coming out to film us!

Madeeya starts off the show

Jason keeps the beat

Larry and Shelly sing from their hearts

Fran Riley with his cameraman (Jeff)

  Make a Wish May 28, 2014  

We have a real racing wheelchair ordered and on the way...We committed to run the "5K Make a Wish Run" thinking the chair would be here in time, however it hadn't come. Jason was game to run anyway so last weekend with the help of Toni, we packed up and headed for Dixon. We had a splendid run under the banner of Team STRIVE on a beautiful sunny day. Jason was asked to hand out medals at the end of the race which was a wonderful privilege.

If you would like to see us in the official video click this link.


Running the 5K

Jason hands out a medal

Our "cool" shirts

  Anger Management May 9, 2014  

Sometimes the stress of the world can really get you down. Bad economy. Global Warming.
Some days you just want to SCREAM!!
That is why we have "Anger Management"
We pull out water noodles and start swinging. It is like light sabres on steroids except there is no light and there are no sabres. Instead there is yelling, laughing, and shouts of pure joy. Trust me, your face and sides hurt from laughing so much, there is no place left to be angry or stressed! Good times!!!!

Mikie looks for someone to bap

Lester being goofy

Pat having fun

Shelly goes after an unsuspecting Larry

  Happy Easter! April 18, 2014  

It is Easter Weekend coming up and at DT we totally got in the mood! We dyed easter eggs. We decorated the eggs, personalized them, and colored them. Then to top it off, we had egg salad the next day!! YUM!

It was fun and brought back warm childhood memories. Happy Easter to everybody!!

Madeeya puts her egg in the dye

Lee points at his masterpiece

Sharon enjoys dyeing eggs

Madonna shows off her egg

Happy Easter!!!

  Horsing Around April 11, 2014  

Jason was able to go horseback riding yesterday. Toni and Natalie took him to a wonderful place called Pegasus. From all accounts (and from the smiles on Jason's face) he had a wonderful time.
Below are some pictures. If you want to see him ride, there is a video too!


On the horse

Click the arrow to watch him ride!

  Gunther April 7, 2014  

"If man could be crossed with the cat, it would improve man but deteriorate the cat."
Mark Twain

Shelley and Gunther

  STRIVE Choraleers March 26, 2014  

Choraleers are starting their 5th year of performing. We did our first performance of the year at Winning Wheels last Wednesday. We followed it up with a performance at Heritage Square in Dixon on Friday. We are very excited to be back on the road.

DJ and Julie and Michelle

James with Madeeya as a back-up

Madonna and Shelley



  It's Easy Being Green March 21, 2014  

Monday was St. Patrick's Day and Toni and Natalie came over all dressed up and somewhere to go--HERE!
They helped us get our "green" on.
Lots and lots of laughs... We do like to laugh around here!!


Toni and Michael

Party in Green


  Seth Ernst Soccer Slam March 12, 2014  

Dave and Betty Ernst invited us to participate in the Seth Ernst Soccer Slam.
So the STRIVE All Star Soccer team packed up and went to Geneseo.
OMG! We had so much fun. Watch the video below and watch us go...

  Soccer Awards Ceremony March 4, 2014  

Sadly the soccer season has come to an end, but it was a great year!! We had our soccer recognition dinner on Tuesday where everyone who participated were honored. We ate junk food and had fun!! Can hardly wait til next year...

Cheerleader Recognition - Pat

Biggest Fan Award - Lester

MVP - Larry

Ms. Team - Madeeya

  Talent Show 2014 February 26, 2014  

Our very own Chris Morrow, who has his own column here on the DT Blog, participated in the DT Talent Show.
Not surprising, Chris did jokes.
I know it is cold and yukky outside and everyone is getting tired of winter. Add some brightness to your day and have a good laugh and watch Chris perform at the talent show.

  Soccer Slam February 11, 2014  

So while the rest of Illinois is bemoaning the cold weather, we have been getting our "soccer" on. Our friends from the Seth Ernst Soccer Slam invited us to come play soccer. So our All Star Soccer team put on a show last Saturday.

We had SO MUCH FUN!!! The people there are amazing and lucky for us, we get to do it again on March 1st. Check out some of the pictures below..

Secret Weapon

Playing the game

All Star Team

  Freakin' Cold January 10, 2014  

It has been really cold outside, but we have been handling the cold in the most mature way...




  GO SAINTS!! January 3, 2014  

We just read Drew Brees Biography (Coming Back Stronger) and then studied the city of New Orleans for our "My World" group. We had so much fun. Toni's family down in New Orleans sent us a bunch of Saints gear to help us celebrate New Orleans.
The video below is our BIG thank-you for the gear. Watch and smile...

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