The Choraleers All Year Long  


  Happy New Year! December 30, 2015  

It has been a wonderful year at DT. We are excited about 2016!
We will have a new addition to DT with Molly having a baby in 2016. We are all so EXCITED!
We are looking to have more fun in 2016 then we did in 2015.
Did someone say FUN? I found an old video from January 2015.
It is a delight to watch and is a self-fulfilling prophecy.
Girls just want to have fun. Girls DID have fun in 2015!!

the BIG reveal
It's a Boy!

Girls just want to have fun! :)


  Merry Christmas! December 16, 2015  

On Tuesday, December 15, 2015, Day Treatment went to Winning Wheels to bring some holiday cheer and sing Christmas carols to them. They really enjoyed our performance.
Merry Christmas from all of us at Day Treatment!

Dawn, Lester and Tarik sing

Madonna and DJ smile

Elyse sings


  Soccer December 2, 2015  

Soccer season is in full swing. The Lyndon Champs won the first game and the Prophetstown All-Stars won the second game. The next game is December 29 at 10:15 in the gym. You are welcome to attend. It will be a closely watched game to see who will take the lead for the 2015-16 season!

Cheerleaders cheer for their team!

Madonna entertained us for the halftime show.

Lyndon Champs

Prophetstown All-Stars

  Happy Thanksgiving! November 23, 2015  

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone from DT!

If you would like to see a video of our great year in 2015 visit YouTube at this video link.

  A HUGE Thanks! November 11, 2015  

Our friends, from the Seth Ernst Soccer Slam, gave us a wonderful gift of money which in turn helped us have a great summer. We wanted to extend a big thank you to our friends and posted a video on YouTube showing what a blast we had this summer!!
 Watch the video at this link video link to see how much fun we have had this summer!"

  Halloween November 2, 2015  

Halloween never comes without us having a really GOOD time.
Look below to see us in our costumes.
Kevin O' Leary (from Shark Tank) was our top winner for the Costume Contest, but as you can see there were LOTS of great costumes!


Taylor Swift

Angel or Devil?
Her friends know she is a devil!!



Nicki Menaj

Willie Robertson
Duck Dynasty

God's gift to Women

Ray Thomas

Number One Cubs Fan

Punk Rocker



Tootsie Pop!


Kevin O'Leary

  Fire Truck October 13, 2015  

Lyndon fire department and the Prophetstown fire department hooked up together to show the kids at Lyndon Play and Learn the fire engine and how they put out fires. They were gracious enough to invite us and we had FUN!!

Nichole is shown the fire hose

Jason poses in front of the truck

Tarik gives it a try


  Lip Sync Battle October 7, 2015  

We had our very FIRST Lip Sync Contest at DT.
It was way fun and the residents are way talented.
Watch the vidoes below to see the highlights and you will be entertained!
A BIG thanks to Lady Ga Ga as our celebrity judge.
It was so kind of her to take time out of her very busy schedule and join us.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3
Donna Jo
Madeeya and Larry

Our Wonderful Judges!
left to right
Kerrington, Lady Ga Ga, Ginny, Jane, Rich

If you are interested in downloading the full show Click Here

  Tie Dye October 1, 2015  

We do crafts once a week and the residents had been asking to do a "Tie-Dye" Day. So, Molly obliged, we had an all out tie dye day. They were to bring their whites, if they didn't have anything to offer, we had socks so everyone could participate.
Molly did an awesome job and staff assisted. You can tell from the smiles that everyone had a good time!

Jan helps Jasmine and Dawn

Frank is ready to tie dye

It's Tarik!
Need I say more?

Lee shows off his white socks

  Bears vs The Pack September 9, 2015  

Football season is upon us and we are excited! The Bears take on the Packers this Sunday.
To celebrate the competition between these two great rivalries, we have Jersey Day.
Everyone wears their favorite teams shirts.
We have fun and games along with some verbal smack-down! Good Times!

  Just Do It! September 1, 2015  

We work hard on our PT. It can be a struggle, but we push on...
We know how important it is for us to be strong. As NIKE says: JUST DO IT!!

Jason lifts weights

Dawn smiles as she pushes through

James gets his work-out
on the therapy table

Israel demonstrates how it is done

Just Do It!

  Camp Rockwood July 29, 2015  

Yesterday, we had a fun time at Rockwood Morrison Park in Morrison, IL. We grilled hotdogs, played music, RELAXED, and enjoyed the beautiful scenery.

James and Jason get ready to grill hotdogs

Madonna got caught out in a flash rain storm.
She kept her wonderful humor even though she was soaked!

  Swing and Ride July 21, 2015  

With a bunch of people at camp (I hope they are having a wonderful time)
and the weather sooooo gorgeous...
We went outside and enjoyed the day. Some of us got in the swing and some of us went for a bike ride, We ALL had fun!!!

Ashley loves the bike

Dawn enjoyed a relaxing time on the swing

DJ shows she is quite the "swinger"

John enjoys the bicycle

Lester likes the beautiful day

  Outrigger July 15, 2015  

It's that time again--time to get out in the water and have some FUN!! With the wonderful assistance of Tim, we were able to get out in the Outrigger. Though it was a little cool, we actually had a day without rain! We enjoyed being out on Lake Carlson. It was relaxing and a total delight.
Thanks Tim for your wonderful help!

Ashley comes back soaked and happy

Israel loves Outrigger!
He grins big after the ride

Jason glides along in the canoe

Everyone enjoys the Outrigger!

  Racing July 9, 2015  

We are off to the races!! With the summer finally here, we have started racing in 5K's.
In June we participated in the Microbrew Mile in Moline (which was actually a 6K) and in July the Prophetstown Run Around. Other race participants were wonderfully supportive in both Moline and Prophetstown! Both races were great fun--just ask Tarik and Larry!

Tarik at the P-town Run Around

Larry at the Microbrew Mile
A BIG thanks to Larry Engstrom for the photo

  Chicago Blackhawks June 25, 2015  

Tarik is a HUGE Blackhawks fan and he (along with many others at DT) was overjoyed to see the Chicago team win the Stanley Cup. In celebration of their win, Tarik proudly wears his Blackhawk gear!

GO Blackhawks!!

  Swing June 17, 2015  

How do you like to go up in the swing?
Up in the air so blue...

Chris enjoying himself

Sunshine smile from Pat

Lester grinning ear to ear

  Camp Courageous May 28, 2015  

A couple of our residents had the wonderful pleasure of going to Camp Couragous in Monticello, Iowa. Wooo weee was it fun!!! Wonderful people there!

John enjoys the train ride

DJ gets ready to go zip lining

Ashley climbing a tree.
Notice how sad she is....NOT!

  Drum Circle May 4, 2015  

Michelle, our music therapist, had us do a drum circle the other day. It was way fun.

James enjoys the drum circle

Nichole enjoys playing the drums

Tarik shows his drumming skills

  Green House April 20, 2015  

Our Garden Club is busy in the greenhouse. They are planting the seeds with the hope of yummy tomatoes and green beans to be the reward for all their hard labor.
Can't wait!!!

Lee looks over the seeds
he just planted

Jasmine carefully plants the seeds

Larry really likes the garden club!

  Karaoke April 1, 2015  

We sang karaoke the other day and we had fun!! Everyone took a turn getting on the microphone. There was much laughing and of course singing!! It sure brought a smile to everyone's face--look at the pictures and you will see for yourself.

John and Shelley singing their hearts out

Nichole helps Israel with the mike

  Soccer Slam March 26, 2015  

We had another great year playing at the Seth Ernst Soccer Slam. The people there are so wonderful!! If you would like to see a video of our fun click the Soccer Slam link below
Soccer Slam

  Awards March 11, 2015  

We have come to the end of our soccer season.
We held a Soccer Recognition Meal at DT last Friday. Toni and Anne handed out awards to all the soccer players and cheerleaders who worked to make the 2014-15 soccer season so great.
GREAT job everyone!

Mr. Team


Most Improved Player

DJ gets medal for cheering

Nichole's first year playing soccer

Mike shows off cheering medal


  Carnival February 26, 2015  

We decided to change things up this year, so instead of a Talent Show, we had a carnival.
Molly did an incredible job of planning and everyone had GREAT fun!!
We even invited Joyce (our nurse who retired a few years ago) and she read the residents' fortunes.
There was face painting, picture taking, and games.
LOTS and LOTS of FUN!!!

Clowns (I know scary!)

The Great Joyce tells John his fortune

Jasmine poses with the "Valentine Ladies"

James Nichole Israel
HAM it up!!!


  Everything is Awesome! February 18, 2015  

Our new YouTube video has been posted.
Help us make it go viral by clicking on the following link:
Everything is Awesome

  Choraleers February 11, 2015  

It is that time of year again and I have to admit I am really excited! The Choraleers are starting to rehearse for our 6th year of performing. It is hard to believe but our very first performance was in 2010. We have some great new songs we are practicing.
We look forward to getting back on the road and spreading cheer!


  No Winter Time Blues February 6, 2015  

The ground hog saw his shadow and ran off--6 more weeks of winter!! However, we refuse to have the winter blues. We are staying busy! Baking, Exercising. Being Beautiful. It is all part of our days at DT.

Dawn cuts up apples
for yummy Apple Crisp

Jasmine gets her gorgeous on
at "Girl Talk"

Nichole works out on the bike


  Mid-winter party January 29, 2015  

Yesterday we went to the White Oaks Skating Rink and we had some GOOD TIMES!
See all the smiles below!

Ashley having fun!

Lee enjoying his pop!

Staff pose for the camera


  Pat January 21, 2015  

Some people just have it and then there are the people like me...
Pat has it!
Pat was just looking good today and I felt the need to let everyone else share in wonderfulness!

Pat and her beautiful smile!


  Its cold outside but WARM in here January 13, 2015  

It has been really cold here! So the best way to beat the cold--WARM FOOD of course!! Ashley, Frank, and Mike participated in Food Group the other day. They made some yummy lasagna from scratch. Nothing comforts the stomach like pasta--RIGHT?
There was much comforting going on as the Food Group made lasagna and then enjoyed their feast!!

Ashley has the cheese

Mike opens the tomato sauce

Frank lays out the noodles


  We are a Happenin' Place! December 3, 2014  

The place to be is here at Day Treatment!!
 Watch this video to see how much fun we have had in 2014!"

For anyone who would like to look back at our BLOG from 2009 , 2010 , 2011 , 2012 , 2013 , 2014 , 2015 , 2016 , 2017 , 2018 , 2019

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