The Choraleers All Year Long  


  Favorite Things December 29, 2016  

Written by our residents with the help of Michelle (Music Therapist)
to be sung to the tune of "My Favorite Things"

 Good food, family, and whiskers on kittens
Playing soccer and watching Cubbies
Good health, friends, and good sense of humor
These are a few of my favorite things!
 Being awesome, kind, and helpful to others
Beautiful people, clothes, and earth
Faith in God, Winning Wheels and STRIVE
These are a few of our many blessings!
 When the weathers bad
When we're lonely
When we're feeling sad
 We simply remember our favorite things...
and then we don't feel so bad!!


  Second Soccer Game of the Season By Madeeya Stovall  

On Tuesday, November 29, 2016,
We had our second power soccer game of the season against the P-town all stars and the Lyndon Champs. The game started slow, but during the 3rd and 4th quarter. The game got intense and both teams fought hard, But in the end the P-town All Stars beat the Lyndon Champs with the score of 9 to 3.
Way to go P -town All Stars!

Secret Weapons greets her fans

Jason waves to the crowd


  Great Times! November 29, 2016  

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving meal with our friends and families.
We are so grateful for the people who love us.
Every year I put together a video about the previous fun year we had at DT.
If you would like to view the video on YouTube click this link

Dawn poses with her family

Jeff enjoying himself

Smiles from Larry and Madeeya


  Mike meet "Mike" November 10, 2016  

For Halloween, Nichole dressed up as Lyndon Police Chief Mike Fisk. She printed up a picture of herself and presented it to Mike. He graciously accepted it and to Nichol's delight posed for a picture with her.
It is wonderful to have such a nice man on the police department.

Mike Fisk

Mike meets Mike


  First Soccer Game of the Season By Madeeya Stovall  

On Tuesday, October 25, 2016, We had our first power soccer game of the season. The game started out very slow at first with the Lyndon Champs ahead, but towards the end of the game it got very intense and the P -town All - Stars came back and won the game with the score of 7 to 4 over the Lyndon Champs. Way to go P - town All - Stars!

Shelley very first soccer game!

Jason and Madeeya battle for control

Duking it out on center court


  Lip Sing Contest September 27, 2016  

On Tuesday, September 27, 2016 We had our 2nd annual Lip Sync Battle.
All the battles were great! But in the end the winners were:
David Steele - Overall award,
Lester - OMG award,
Madonna - Best Lip Singer award,
Korey - Funniest award
Tarik - Most Dramatic award
Thank you to all who participated in the show and congrats to all the winners!
by Madeeya Stovall

Korey lip sings from the heart

Lester waits to perform

Dressed to sing!!

If you would like to download the Lip Sing Contest: click here


  Dog Days August 26, 2016  

Rudy came and visited. As usual, we all had a good time.
He is such a BIG baby and we love being "loved" by him!!

Pat laughs at Rudy

Rudy demands a kiss

Lester is having a good time!



Knock Knock
Who's there?
You don't want to know
Tell me!
Up yours
Why do you say that?
You don't want to know


  Outrigger August 10, 2016  

Every year we get to go to the Rockwood Morrison partk and get out on the Outrigger (on Lake Carlson). We had a great time, despite the threat of rain one day.
THANKS Tim for helping us have fun!!!!

Israel grins

Jasmine and Nichole are ready to go

waiting for thir drivers to return


  Hungry Hippos July 8, 2016  

This year we held our Independance Day party on Friday. We had it here in the LPC gym. Toni found a "Hungry Hippo" game that was live action (not the one with the marbles and the playing board)--so for our party we played "Hungry Hippos".
It was loud. It was crazy. It was crazy and loud!!
Everyone had LOTS of fun!
I hope everyone had a great 4th of July. We sure did.

John gives his best grin

Mirasol and Nichole ready to
duke it out

Patti poses for a shot

Israel having fun

Hippo Champ



What do you see in people and dogs?
Don't say people love
Say it is puppy love! :)


  Heal the World by Madeeya  

On Thursday, May 12, 2016 we made these cat toys for a new group that we have called Heal the World because we wanted to give back to our community.
We took different colored socks and white socks and stuffed the
socks with stuffing from a pillow and cat nip.
The cat toys will go to our local animal shelter called Happy Tails.
Way to go Heal The World Group and Toni !


  Visitors April 29, 2016  

Yesterday we had two new visitors at Day Treatment: Cocoa and Daisy
Two adorable Guinea Pigs stopped by to say "hello!"
We enjoyed their visit and some of us didn't want to let them go!

Pat loving her new found friend

John loves the pigs!


  Baby Shower By Madeeya Stovall  

On Thursday, April 7, 2016, We had Molly's Baby Shower. We played baby games. We also watched Molly open her baby gifts. We had grilled hotdogs and a potluck with some very good food!
Congrats again Molly on your new baby boy. We are so happy for you and Ben!

Larry and Nichole pose with Molly

Molly opens gifts

Dawn plays party games

Party Planners


  Educating April 15, 2016  

Last Friday, Shelly, Madeeya, Tarik, Shelley, and Larry drove down to Moline and did a presentation to a bunch of school age children (third through eighth graders) about what it was like growing up with at disability, living with a disability and the frustrations of having a disability. We did our presentation at the Temple School. The staff and children were wonderful and to the delight of the residents, the children proudly announced that they were not afraid of people in wheelchairs.
This was the dream of Shelly and Shelley, to go out into schools and educate children to not be afraid of them. As Shelly will tell you, if you see me in Walmart just say hello!!
We have done this presentation at the P-town high school health class a few times and at the Christian Lutheran School in Sterling once. It is a great educational experience for children to see and understand that a wheelchair is merely a device that facilitates transportation--not a wall that seperates the person in the wheelchair from the person walking around.
We hope to do more presentations in the future!

  EASTER by Madeeya Stovall  

On Wednesday, March 23, 2016, we colored Easter Eggs for Easter at D.T. We colored them all different colors like red, pink, green, blue, yellow, and orange. We also made egg salad out of the eggs on Thursday, March 24, 2016. We had a lot of fun coloring the eggs and making egg salad out of them!

  Soccer Championships by Madeeya Stovall  

On Tuesday February 23, 2016
We had our last soccer championship game against the Lyndon Champs and the P - town all - stars.
The game was very intense and in overtime the P-town all stars came out on top with a score of 9 to 8
Congrats P - town All -stars on the win!

Prophetstown All Stars

  Getting STRONG February 3, 2016  

People make New Year resolutions to exercise and then by February they are all forgotten.
Ours are NOT forgotten!
We want to be strong!!

Larry has his walkin' shoes on today!

Jason lifts weights

Nichole works out on the bike

  Soccer Game by Madeeya  

On Tuesday, January 19, 2016 We had our 4th power soccer game against the Lyndon Champs and the Prophetstown All Stars. The game was very intense, But the Prophetstown All Stars came out on top this time! The final score of the game was 11 - 9 Way to go Prophetstown All Stars!

Lyndon Champs

Tarik grins for the camera

DJ shows her cheerleading skills

  You are so Beautiful! January 22, 2016  

No doubt about it the MOST beautiful women in the world are at DT!!
Our ladies worked on their gorgeous at Girl Talk yesterday.


DJ shows off her nails


  Sports Fanatics by Madeeya  

On Thursday, January 7th, 2016, we had our Sports Fanatics group. Tarik was the top winner for the residents and Kathy was the top winner for the staff. It was also "Jersey Day" on Thursday so everyone got to wear their favorite sports team jersey. BEARS OR PACKERS — way to go everyone!

Kathy and Israel

Tarik Number #1


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