The Choraleers All Year Long  


  Not slowing down December 21, 2017  

Holidays are coming fast! We are NOT slowing down!
Nichole works her PT to be is shape for the New Year.


  Christmas Choir December 8, 2017  

We have gone on the road this year with our very own Christmas choir! It is not the Choraleers (although some of the Choraleers are participating) but it also includes some singers from Winning Wheels. We performed at Hammond Henry Nursing home and we had so much fun!
It was great to bring smiles to the residents there!

Let us sing you Merry Christmas!
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  Soccer December 4, 2017  

Soccer is back!!
Check out our Cheerleaders!!

Ashley and Britannia cheer their teams


  2017 November 27, 2017  

Check out our video for 2017...
A look back in 2017 at Day Treatment


  Holidays November 20, 2017  

Thanksgiving is coming! We celebrated on Saturday with our families. It was wonderful. The hallways were decorated with holiday cheer. We are thankful for family, friends, and TURKEY!!
Happy Thanksgiving to Everyone!

Dawn helped decorate the hallways


  Halloween October 31, 2017  

We had GREAT fun dressing up for Halloween.
Scope out some of our pictures below...





  Bears vs Packers September 28, 2017  

Its football and its the Bears vs the Packers.
We totally celebrated the first game between the two big teams tonight!
We love our Bears! We love our Packers!

Tarik actually for the Patriots

David is a diehard Bears fan

Jason loves his Bears


  Puzzle it Out August 30, 2017  

We had a FUN group the other day. Those who were interested gathered together and put together jigsaw puzzles. We had great fun, but to be honest, I think we always have fun :)

Nichole gives a nice grin

Jeff gives a thumbs up

Jason concentrates


  Solar Eclipse August 22, 2017  

The day opened with rain and we thought for all our planning that
we were going to miss the Solar Eclipse.
It was cloudy and rainy and miserable.
At 12:45, the clouds started to break up. At 1 pm, we started all heading outside hoping for the best.
The Eclipse peaked here at 1:15 and to our GREAT excitement, we were able to witness it!
It was really exciting!!


  Champions August 8, 2017  

Two champions this week!
Nichole took first place in her age division at the Music in Motion 5k at Sterling last Saturday.
Way to go Nichole!!
Jason is our lastest poker champ for the months of June and July.
He knows when to hold them...knows when to fold them


Card Shark


  Party time August 4, 2017  

We had a fun party celebrating John Johnson's mom.


  Outrigger July 21, 2017  

We had a great couple of days at Rockwood Morrison State Park
enjoying a ride in the Outrigger on Lake Carlson

Dawn loves the boat

Shelley loves the sunshine

Ashley loves geting wet


  Prophetstown Run Around 5k July 11, 2017  

We celebrated July 4th in Prophetstown with a 5k race through town. Aron raced with me and we had much fun. Everyone was so nice to us and we even won a medal!!

We made it!!
Photo courtesy of Dan Eyrich



Knock Knock
Who's there?
Don't cry
It is only a joke!



  Days at DT June 6, 2017  

Day Treatment continues to be a busy place.
Between Pet Therapy, Poker, and the Greenhouse, there is never a dull moment

Tarik is our CHAMPION for poker in the month of May

Susan digs a hole and plants a pepper plant

Mike enjoys Gunther's company


  Busy in the Greenhouse May 12, 2017  

We have been busy planting in the greenhouse.
Many people got their hands dirty and we were able to get a good start!
Hurrah for Spring!

Larry took a trip to the nursery to buy plants

Digging in the dirt

David marks the plants

Nichole gently plants


  New Faces May 1, 2017  

We have some wonderful new faces at DT!!
We are excited to have some new friends. They truly brighten our days!

Aron and Amy share a grin

Britannia blesses us with a smile

David (on the left)
poses with his friends Nichole and James


  We have a WINNER! April 26, 2017  

We have been playing 5 card Texas Hold um.
We had a winner!!
Israel who goes by the name "The Destroyer" won the most poker chips in the April tournament.

The Destroyer


  Easter Fun April 24, 2017  

We hope you are enjoying the wonderful Spring weather!
We had a great Easter and celebrated with the famous Easter Bunny!
We hope you and yours had a good Easter too.





  Handling STRESS! April 5, 2017  

How do you handle the stress known as life???
We handle it through Anger Management.
We gather in the gym with our trusty swords (water noodles) and laugh the anger right out of us!

James give his best "angry" face

Dawn gives Ashley a friendly tap

Be VERY afraid!

Hit the arrow and watch us have FUN!


  Hollywood Glam March 3, 2017  

So Molly put together for us a Hollywood Glam Party. It was so much fun. We all got our GLAM on.
We walked down a red carpet. We even met Kim Kardashian!!!!
See some pictures of us glammed up...
And if you have some time watch the video below of us being interviewed by Ms. Kardashian.
It just might make you smile.



Dawn poses with Kim


  Valentines Day February 15, 2017  

Hope you had a wonderful Valentines Day.
We had special guests delivering candy-grams to the residents. It was GRAND!

The Candy-gram Trio

Larry gets silly

Jason is all smiles

Jasmine poses


  Lester Concert February 8, 2017  

Lester did a mini concert for us today.
He sang for us a love song in anticipation of Valentines Day. He sang like an angel :)


  Soccer Slam January 25, 2017  

We are starting the new year with a smile!!
The super nice people at the Seth Ernst Soccer Slam in Geneseo invited us to come and participate in their live auction. We acted like Vanna White, showed off the merchandise, and just had all around fun!




  First Soccer Game of the Season By Madeeya Stovall  

On Tuesday, October 25, 2016, We had our first power soccer game of the season. The game started out very slow at first with the Lyndon Champs ahead, but towards the end of the game it got very intense and the P -town All - Stars came back and won the game with the score of 7 to 4 over the Lyndon Champs. Way to go P - town All - Stars!

Shelley very first soccer game!

Jason and Madeeya battle for control

Duking it out on center court


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