The Choraleers All Year Long  


  Happy Holidays! December 28, 2018  

The Christmas choir went on the road and performed twice!
Meanwhile, the boys get fit for 2019.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Santa Claus came to town!

Ashley shows she is ready to sing and have fun!

Jason and James get their muscle on...

Jason shows he is the man!


  Happy Thanks Day! November 21, 2018  

We love Thanksgiving.
We love our families
We love to eat!!
We had our annual Family Meal in the gym last Saturday. A good time was had by all!

Larry's dad shows him LOVE :)

Shelley shows her dad LOVE :)


  Halloween October 31, 2018  

Halloween was a BLAST!
Just see the fun below...


Dr Barrett

Rock Star

Ninja Turtle


Areatha Franklin


Uncle Fester


  Friends September 28, 2018  

DJ and Shelly


  Harvest Hammer September 24, 2018  

Tarik participated in the Harvest Hammer in Morrison! We had great fun!
The people of Morrison are wonderful :)


  Boogie Baby Septemember 12, 2018  

Vern getting his boogie on to the music!

click above


  Swingers Septemember 10, 2018  

We are a happening place full of "swingers" We know how to have a good time!!!





  Bake it August 27, 2018  

We have been making some yummy desserts in Bake Club. Whether its messing with strawberries, mixing batter, or dumping in come chocolate morsels--it is all good stuff. And can I just say...

stirring cookie batter

checking the strawberries

dumping in the morsels


  We are crafty August 22, 2018  

We worked on craft projects the other day. We made salt dough crafts and painted them afterwards.
It helped bring out the creative person inside of us!






  Garden Again August 3, 2018  

Yes I am obsessing over our garden but it is so cool!
Shelley picks some cukes, waters the garden, and cuts them up for our lunch!!


  Fruit of our labor July 11, 2018  

Our garden is growing like gangbusters.
We have already picked radishes and cucumbers!

James shows off the radishes

Jason helps pick too

Lee has an armload


  Good bye Frank :( July 5, 2018  

Frank moved out of Winning Wheels on Monday.
We gave him a going away party at DT on Friday. We will miss Frank. He has been everyone's friend.

Frank poses with his cake

Frank and Madonna have been friends for years!

Frank says good bye to DJ

Frank dances with staff at his party


  Summer Fun June 25, 2018  

Summer is in full bloom and we are sure enjoying it!

Jason gets out on the bike

Madonna spends time with her special friend


  Music Therapy June 4, 2018  

Who doesn't love music?
Michelle is a WONDERFUL person and we love her Music therapy. She makes us smile.

Ashley shakes it off

Vern grinning ear to ear

Jason keeps the beat

Pat is all smiles

Nichole and James having fun


  Planting time! May 16, 2018  

What's that old saying, if life serves you lemons, make lemonade!
We may have lost the top to our greenhouse, but we still planted our garden. And we enjoyed ourselves!!

James poses
I told you we had fun!

Jason grins

Larry loving the greenhouse

Madeeya looking good

Nichole shows off her handiwork

Planting the garden


  On a bicycle built for two May 7, 2018  

Oh the summertime is upon us and we are soooo happy!
We took the opportunity to strap on our helmets and enjoy the bike.

DJ styling on the bike

Tarik loving the sunshine


  Working Out April 26, 2018  

Natalie has been putting us through our paces, making sure we are in tip-top shape.
The exercise is good for our body and for our spirit!
See us show our stuff...






  What Season is it?? April 17, 2018  

Well, I know the calendar says it is Spring, but the weather keeps acting like Winter.
We had snow last weekend and they are talking snow tomorrow!
Gee whiz we are frustrated.
However, last Thursday was a WONERFUL day. We all sat outside and SOAKED up the sun.
Hey Mother Nature...we are ready for some more days like that!!


  Easter Eggs April 4, 2018  

Easter was a fun time for us.
We dyed Easter eggs and then made them into yummy egg salad for lunch the next day!

Chris gets ready to dye eggs

Shelly is all smiles

Easter egg dying is fun

Amy helps Tarik


  Beauty March 28, 2018  

The ladies and Nick gathered to get their nails done yesterday. The ladies (and Nick) were MORE beautiful afterwards!

Madeeya gets her nails done

Madeeya shows off her nails

Madeeya's nails

Nick's turn :)


  Archery March 8, 2018  

Toni had an idea about having a bow and arrow that we could play in the gym. Our friend Tim Lindquist was able to follow the design and made us a bow and arrow. Toni and Katrina helped us out and we did some Target Practice!! It was fun. Only Tracy came close to knocking the little guy down who was perched on top of other obstacles. But EVERYONE had great fun!!






  Bowling January 31, 2018  

We had much fun bowling in the gym. Nichole took some pictures. Check us out below!

Chris smiles after his throw down

Looking good Nichole!

Katrina assists Madeeya (hoping for the best)


  Soccer January 17, 2018  

Soccer is back and we are playing harder than ever.
Its cold outside but the gym is HOT with energy as the teams race up and down the field.
It is so much FUN!

Israel and Larry duke it out
Pictures by Andi

Tarik keeps his eyes on the soccer ball
Pictures by Andi

Korey consults with his coach
Pictures by Andi


  Baby its Cold Outside January 5, 2018  

It is really cold in Lyndon right now!!
We weren't been able to make it to LPC but we had fun playing games
in our nice WARM home.





  Not slowing down December 21, 2017  

Holidays are coming fast! We are NOT slowing down!
Nichole works her PT to be is shape for the New Year.


  Christmas Choir December 8, 2017  

We have gone on the road this year with our very own Christmas choir! It is not the Choraleers (although some of the Choraleers are participating) but it also includes some singers from Winning Wheels. We performed at Hammond Henry Nursing home and we had so much fun!
It was great to bring smiles to the residents there!

Let us sing you Merry Christmas!
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